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Amundsen Peak Jacket Faded Navy 590 Men

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Field Shield Waterproof


After years of advocating the pleasures of the anorak, we have developed this short cut active style jacket, trying to preserve the benefits of the large chest pocket from the anorak. This is solved through big hand pockets with an opening behind for the backpack belt. More info coming soon.

This ensures easy access to all essentials without having to unlock the stomach belt. The cut, fabric and other solutions are continued from the proven Amundsen Peak anorak.
Ideal for ski touring and expeditions small and big.

The combination of stretch, waterproof and breathing capabilities ensures.Short Cut Jacket with a Backpack Friendly Pocket System

Amundsen Sports

  Roald Amundsen(1872-1928)


Our family legacy is the very foundation of Amundsen Sports.

Roald Amundsen respected and learnt  from the inuits, while exploring cutting edge technology. It is this fusion of past and future that inspires us.

Amundsen Sports is a premium quality sportswear brand from Norway,

founded by Jørgen Amundsen

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