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Amundsen Vagabond M´s Shirt dyed 540 olive

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The Vagabond shirt in 100% cotton flannel is a great addition to your summer wardarobe. With roots in our core-values, we believe versatility should be of the highest priority. Therefore we have equipped this shirt with a full-zip to give you the choice of wearing this as a shirt itself – or as a jacket covering a layer. Zipped pocket on the left chest – accompnaied with a Amundsen Field Test patch.

Contrary to popular belief, flannel is not a particular type of material or pattern, but a way in which a material is treated. Flannel is most commonly found in wool and cotton, although synthetic materials have been used to make flannel as well. First, the yarn is spun loosely, creating the softness for which flannel is known. Then taken through a process called napping. This is done by brushing the fabric with a fine metal brush, creating fine fibers from the loosely spun yarns. This process is what makes flannel ideal for colder months. Unlike other cloths that rely on a fabrics density or weight, the air pockets created with flannel are its advantages.

This summer we introduce various products that have gone through a garment dying process. The treatment gives the products a timeless look and feel to ensure your use for both formal and informal settings. The garment dying is performed on finished shirts through numerous steps of temperature regulation and treatment. With a detailed mix of chemicals and colours the products goes through shrinkage and colouring to give our products the ultimate look and feel.
Garment dying is also a more sustainable way of colouring clothing since the fabrics are dyed after finalisation. Thus all cut-offs from the production can be re-used since it still holds it’s base color.

Get your Vagabond shirt today.

Amundsen Sports

  Roald Amundsen(1872-1928)


Our family legacy is the very foundation of Amundsen Sports.

Roald Amundsen respected and learnt  from the inuits, while exploring cutting edge technology. It is this fusion of past and future that inspires us.

Amundsen Sports is a premium quality sportswear brand from Norway,

founded by Jørgen Amundsen

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