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Wool loden with waxed cotton reinforcement

Ventilation zippers in the sides complete these highly technical and all natural knickerbockers, which are probably our most veratile knickerbockers yet for most of your outdoor activities across most seasons

Loden originates from the Alps in Austria and was developed to ensure a warm, windproof and light fabric yet highly durable. The fabric undergoes lenghty processes to obtain these characteristics, from yarn selection – dyeing – spinning and weaving it goes into the fulling process, witch is the signature process resulting in shrinkage of the fabric of up to 30%. It is then brushed with a fuller´s teasel and the nap is clipped, a process witch is repeated a number of times until the fabric provides great warmth for the weight, and is highly supple, windproof, and extremely durable.

For extra strength on knees and back we have added waxed cotton canvass with Norwegian Woolinside in the back for extra warmth.



100% wool loden
Waxed Cotton


  • Meriono Wool Herringbone pattern loden from Leichtfried, Austria
  • Waxed Cotton canvass from Halley Stevensons, Scotland
  • Gun metal zippers with waterproof tape in sides and pocket
  • Ventilation zippers on the sides
  • Intergration system at kneecuffs for gaiters
  • Zipper pockets
  • Articulated knees always where you want them to be
Amundsen Sports

Amundsen Sports

  Roald Amundsen(1872-1928)


Our family legacy is the very foundation of Amundsen Sports.

Roald Amundsen respected and learnt  from the inuits, while exploring cutting edge technology. It is this fusion of past and future that inspires us.

Amundsen Sports is a premium quality sportswear brand from Norway,

founded by Jørgen Amundsen

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