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Black Crows CAMOX BIRDIE 2021

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Manøvrerbar, leken og tilgivende, Camox Birdie er en mellombred, super responsiv og tilgivende ski, med andre ord, Camox Birdie er dronningen av All-mountain ski for damer! Med en utmerket balanse mellom tipp og tail er skien svært effektiv i myk snø samtidig som den stive flexen under bindingen gir ett godt grep på hardere underlag. Camox Birdie er noe lettere og mykere en sin bror, herreutgaven og vil være din perfekte allierte uansett terreng og forhold!


- Semi cap konstruksjon

- Tip og tail rocker

- Klassisk spenn – Klassisk spenn under fot gir god balanse og økt manøvrering

- Progresiv flex - gir god komfort og tilgjengelighet

- Poppel trekjerne


Mål: 128-97-116

Radius: 19

Vekt: 1725g @ 168

Lengder: 156, 162, 168, 174

Camox Birdie

This incomparable mid-fat all terrain ski is reputed for its tolerance and playfulness.

The association of a very progressive flex and good lenghten side lines brings great manoeuvrability and strong hold at high speed. With a DNA derived from freestyle, the progressive and supple flex makes it easy to handle and adapted to progression , whereas its side lines give a very effective and stable edge. Creativity for everybody on all types of terrain.

Camox Birdie

Camox Birdie

Technical Information


97 mm



Camox Birdie


Camox Birdie


I'll do anything you want

Technical details


  • Double rocker: manoeuvrability and great pivot.
  • Medium classic camber: classic camber underfoot with moderate ski/snow contact, creating a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability.
  • Medium long side-cut: 20m, stability at high speed, great balance between firmness and manoeuvrability.

Black Crows

Black Crows. A freeski brand, fully independant, developed by Bruno Compagnet and Camille Jaccoux, two riders who, season after season, have practiced this sport as professional skiers and have gained unique know-how. Black Crows develops its own vision combining tolerance and high performance.

This project is the result of the necessity felt by numerous skiers to obtain a ski that corresponds to the genuine culture of free skiing. When Black Crows was created, the objective was to combine product reliability with the spirit of free-ski. Our motto is: no compromise on either the conception of the ski or its identity.

Black Crows. The equilibrium. A balance between passion and the expectation of a high quality product. Skis that correspond to today’s skier allowing them to express their diversity and the pleasure of their ride.

Our range of products is manufactured with special attention to exclusive finishing. Black Crows skis are easy to handle in all types of snow, playful but above all extremely high performing. This is where the foundation of the Black Crows’ identity lies.

Black Crows. The achievement. Our skis are the result of thousands of miles of riding all around the globe and of a culture that goes beyond the mountains. Today, riding is as much a type of ski as a social trend resulting from a cultural melting pot where the need for new experiences and perceptions fuse. There is Nature, but there is also the City, Art and Mankind. Let’s not forget who we are and why we ski.

With this fourth collection, Black Crows perpetuates the Associative Disorder. A contagious pleasure, that of skiing.

Black crows has developed a ski for free and contemporary skiing.

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