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Transalper 18+4 Backpack Unisex Alloy/Black

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A multi-talented mountaineering pack: The Transalper 18+4 wins points as a light unisex backpack with expandable capacity for your trail outings and day tours. A clean look, yet all kinds of practical features: With the Transalper 18+4, you get a comfortable companion that can really hold quite a bit of gear and will always serve you well on adventures. Particularly practical: Depending on the intended use, you can quickly expand its volume with a full-wrap zipper to get four more liters of space, thus more room for your needs and that extra bit of flexibility. With the Transalper 18+4, you have everything you need and will never have to stop again to ponder which pack you need for that day’s tour. To that end, the Transalper 18+4 is a true lightweight, winning points with its simple, intuitive use. It snugs the body ergonomically and makes every movement you do so you can move quickly and efficiently. A variety of pockets, stowage and attachment options for fluids, mobile phone, poles, helmet, etc. are of course part of the package. Transalper 18+4 – the flexible multi-talented mountaineering pack.


The Dynafit brand is for people who live mountain sports and Dynafit is committed to serving all ambitious ski mountaineers. We, at Dynafit, constantly strive to make the ski mountaineer stronger in all aspects of the sport. All materials and fabrics are carefully sourced, selected, tested and finally implemented. No product management decision is made without a clear 'GO' from our ski mountaineering teams. Our four corporate divisions Boots, Bindings, Skies and Textiles work hand in hand with top teams of mountaineering experts. This is the simple reason why we are always way ahead when it comes to innovation in the ski touring market, be it with the lightest binding made of titan, a carbon boot, or the lightest ski-core technology on the market. Dynafit is an ultra technical brand that often exceeds consumer expectations in a provocative manner. The key to success is that the people who work for Dynafit live Dynafit. There is 100% commitment to the sport and its community. These people are also the salespeople in the stores. Theory and most importantly practice play a vital part. We constantly transfer our enthusiasm and insider knowledge to our frontline people in the stores. These in turn, infect the consumer with a passion for the sport. It is this chain of strong personal relationships that automatically forms the wider Dynafit community.

Our core people celebrate endless winter 365 days a year in the world's mountains. Our heart rate goes up when the weather report forecasts snowfalls. For our expeditions, races and ski tours we take a no-compromise approach to materials. Speed ascents and descents in the world's highest mountains require both the lightest and the most reliable materials. In these extreme situations a breakdown means death. Our challenge is having the lightest, highest performing, yet most trustworthy material at hand. Our people reach the top in the fastest time, with the best feeling, and with plenty of power left for the ultimate powder ride. We strive for the best performance. That’s why we invest in top sportspeople who challenge our brand and ensure that we constantly exceed the expectations of the ever-growing Dynafit community.

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