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kask MASK 4 Pink Panther

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Nothing roars as beautiful as a Mopar car packed with a massive 440 big block engine. Together with te high impact color paint job this car is not for the timid. Just like our Mask 4 - Pink Panther. Mask 4 is an outcome of Kaj & Sverre’s life in the mountains for over 3 decades. skiing as professionals travelling the world has given them a know-how for what you need to perform on top of your game and enjoy a perfect day.Mask 4 has a design inspiration from american muscle cars with solid strap outriggers that makes the goggles fit to any helmet or hat. the Mask 4 goggles has an optimized anti fog construction with the muscle car inspired air-intake holes in the frame and in the lens which works in harmony for perfect ventilation. The frame is smooth and round to fit perfect to the human face with a spherical lens to maximize your vision, the spherical shape also gives minimal optical distortion. anti-scratch and anti-fog treated double lens, the outer lens is made out of polycarbonate that is also good for penetration resistance. The inner lens is made out of cellulose propionate that is the best to keep your vision fog free. The lenses prevent harmful UVA, UVB rays up to 400 nm (100 %) assuring the best possible protection. • Silicone- ribbed strap for a secure fit.• Positive energy design. • Strap outriggers to fit any helmet or hat. • Triple layer foam. Every pair of Kask goggles omes with 2 lenses. One mirror lens and one high contrast lens for low light conditions. The lenses prevent harmful UVA, UVB rays up to 400 nm (100 %) assuring the best possible protection. All lenses can be ordered at www.kaskofsweden.com



The Kask story


Every brand has a story. Here we would just talk a little bit about what we achieved so far, and where we got inspiration from to some of our patterns and styles in the past and today.

So, when Kask was found in 2001, Kaj Zackrisson & Sverre Liliequist knew how to crochet since some years. The beanies that we made for our selves and our friends, became very popular so we decided to try to build a little brand, the “business plan” was to Create unique beanies to wear with pride!

As important as the looks the functionality was also in focus, a soft non itchy smooth beanie was created. we were also very clear with that the beanies should work out for our lifestyle, and never feel itchy in the forehead!
The first pattern we made we decided to call “Sickbird”, and the inspiration for that was the Sickbird award at the freeskiing world tour events, and yes, both of us received it a couple of times.
This pattern worked out really well, and the Sickbird have been seen on numbers of Kask products since then, now lately still on beanies but also on the ski socks and merino base layers.

We always wanted to change colour and pattern every year, even if the numbers and styles was very small, this to create some kind of limited edition feeling. And yes, for the first four years or so, all beanies was sold out in a couple of weeks, perfect, now we can go out to ski the rest of the season instead of doing office work!

Side by side with Kask growing slowly but surely, we have been skiing professionally both of us, and this way we have built up a good sense of what we like/don’t like when it comes to design and function, travelling the world and meeting exiting people is an important flavour that we can add to our own Kask production.

After patterns as the Sickbird and Draken, we also wanted to involve people that we liked, so “pro models” like the Jerk Viking, John Metal, Jonta ski, Swedish Posse and Edvardsson was more or less tribute designs for our friends.

From beanies we took the step to do more, ski socks and merino base layers are things that we really need in the mountains, and we have now learned what works best.
That’s why it’s so exiting to make these products and then add our own style on it, a true Kask product that we really can stand for, again, and again and again.

And to add that extra flavour we momentarily tries to do it our way, not always the easiest way. An example of that is the bright colours in the first edition of the Kask 100% Merino base layers, that was not really seen anywhere before.
Another challenge for us, that has been a process for the last year, was to create the ultimate pair of ski goggles, and for us it’s now a reality, the Mask 4 goggles is ready to hit the market, more than ten years after the start of Kask, and if feels great!

Kask is represented in 16 countries, we think we have reached a good product range, and will stick to it for a while.
Beanies, base & mid layers, socks and goggles, keep developing new great stuff in these categories, get even better at it and try to test them out as much as possible, we have to live up the our own motto you know, so let’s…

Live a Little!

Sverre og Kaj