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La Sportiva Trango Tech blk/ylw

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Lightweight and flexible boot particularly suitable for alpine hiking, technical approach routes and as work shoes for mountain guides and rescuers. 
Trango Tech GTX is the lightweight, flexible boot that is particularly suitable for alpine hikes, technical approach routes and as work boots for alpine guides and rescuers. The uppers are made from abrasion resistant fabric with Thermo Tech Injection, special structural applications in thermo-plastic material over-injected in order to minimize seams and keep weight to a minimum. The lacing up to the toe allows for the maximum adjustment of the volumes and the loop hooks help further contain the weight. The integrated tongue in the uppers uses a soft stretch fabric, and the ergonomic shape with very compact external volumes and the enveloping fit, make the product very comfortable and suitable for prolonged use. The anti-shock midsole in low density polyurethane reduces impact with the ground during walking and maintains its characteristics over time. The 3D Flex System facilitates mobility of the ankle to provide precise support on rough terrain, while the La Sportiva Cube Sole made by Vibram with differentiated lugs, provides excellent support on all types of terrain. Trango Tech GTX: the best technology at the service of the hiker.


  • 3D Flex System that facilitates mobility of the ankle to facilitate precise support on rough terrain. 
  • Thermo Tech Injection a thermo plastic covering over-injected on the abrasion resistant uppers to minimize seams and keep weight to a minimum 
  • Tongue Integrated into the uppers made of soft stretch fabric for maximum comfort.
  • Ergonomic shape with very compact external volumes and enveloping fit. 
  • Low volume, La Sportiva Cube Sole by Vibram


The innovative system is applied to the sole to absorb negative ground impact, help traction and improve grip downhill.
Created and developed by the R&D department at La Sportiva, it offers real advantages during racing by reducing negative ground impact. The unique position of the lugs allows as many of them as possible to come into contact with the ground, for maximum impact absorption.


An innovative multidirectional hinge on the upper allows the ankle to make the most of its natural characteristics without losing stability.


  • Enhanced foot control on difficult terrain.
  • Larger sole surface in contact with the ground.
  • Enhanced stability.
  • Even better fit.
  • More secure heel.








NB! Vi anbefaler alle våre kunder om å gå opp et halvt nummer på La Sportiva skoene! siden La Sportiva lager skoene i 33mm intervaller, istedenfor 50mm som er vanlig fra andre merker. 

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