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Pomoca Bag

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This useful and lightweight bag increases the lifetime of ski skins during long-term storage by preventing oxydation and the premature ageing of the glue.


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Creation & development

Since 1870, when they imported their first models to the French-speaking region of Switzerland, the history of the Dufour Family has been linked to tourism and the development of skiing. The family also organized ski excursions and competitions for the prestigious hosts of Montreux in Switzerland.

In the 1930s, Louis Dufour, an engineer with a passion for sports, and especially for high mountain skiing, developed and marketed the “DUFOUR-GAILLARD” rescue sled. Light and compact enough to carry in a backpack, this cloth sled allows an injured person to be taken to the nearest shelter thanks to its skis and poles.

Eric Dufour, the son of Louis, developed the production of nonslip skins, and later adhesive skins, making use of his technical knowledge and his experience as a hiker. With the help of his wife, he directed the company until his death in 1988. His son, Guy Dufour, took over as manager in 1996. In February 2011, POMOCA joined the SALEWA Group, turning a new page in its history and facing new challenges.


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