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Race Pro 77 2019

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skis Movement Race pro 77 base
skis Movement Race pro 77 profil
skis Movement Race pro 77 construction
N°REF. MOV-A-18013
SIZE (CM) 152 160 168 174
WIDTH (MM) 114/77/95 115/77/96 115/77/96 116/78/97
RADIUS (M) 17 18 19 20
0.83 0.85 0.90 0.96

These few words are here to show you our brand. Our world is one where dreaming is a part of reality, and in which all people who have the same philosophy are invited to join us.

Born in the heart of the Swiss Alps and a pioneer of FREESKI, we have always wanted to share our ski passion by creating unique and exceptional products for over several decades.
Having fun doing serious work developing our products has been part of the company DNA throughout the years. This is thanks to a motivated and experienced team who are constantly able to give their best and to surpass themselves.