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Skhoop Disa Vest Granit Green

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  • STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certifierad
  • 2-vägs YKK dragkedja framtill
  • 2 handfickor med dragkedja
  • Lycra-piping runt huva och ärmhål
  • Resår bak i midjan för bästa passform
  • Yttermaterial: 100 % nylon
  • 60 g insulation, 100% polyester
  • Miljövänlig DWR- avvisar smuts och väta
  • Längd fram: 77 cm / Längd bak: 88 cm (storlek Medium

In 2007, Sissi’s friend and old roommate Osa Tham started selling SKHOOP skirts out of her garage in Anchorage, Alaska. After creating a buzz in Alaska, the word spread. Women loved the practical concept of the insulated skirt and SKHOOP products are now sold in both Europe and North America. Many competitors and copies have entered the marked since Sissi designed the Original Skirt in 1999, but SKHOOP is the Original Insulated Skirt Company.   SKHOOP continues to evolve and be at the forefront of design and function by partnering with top industry suppliers such as PrimaLoft® and GORE® to produce highly technical and quality garments without sacrificing style.  Today, Sissi Kewenter continues to be the lead designer of SKHOOP and the company remains family owned and operated in Sweden. The company is run by a small group of women between Åre and Anchorage. Together they work to continuously improve products and expand the company’s vision.


One cold snowy winter morning in 1999 in Åre, Sweden, Sissi Kewenter was getting ready to take her dog for a walk. Putting on traditional snow pants seemed like a nuisance at the time and the further away from the house she walked, the colder she got. She wondered if there could be an easier way to keep her bottom warm? How about an insulated skirt that could be easily put on and taken off via a two-way zipper? Sissi raced back home to design the Original Skirt. She started making these skirts for friends and family and before she knew it, the demand for her skirts had taken off and SKHOOP was born.


The insulated skirt is the core SKHOOP product, however the line has evolved over the years with the addition of various length skirts using different fabrics and insulation, technical and lifestyle jackets and vests, and socks and other accessories that are functional for every outdoor activity. The line is feminine and comfortable, designed by women for women, to be worn for every imaginable outdoor activity. 


North America

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