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Hent i butikk, i Tromsø | Kjente merkevarer

Vapor V Women dhalia/Aqua


Vennligst velg

Sustained edging support
The vapor v offers edging with sensitivity. this versatile shoe offers the perfect balance of flex and support. slightly downturned shape, medium to low angled toe box results in excellent precision.
Made in Asolo (Italy).


WEIGHT200g - Taglia/Size 38



Multi-panel upper, with seamless big toe panel and low-rise four-toe panel for the best custom molding fit. The top panels are Microfiber, bottom panel is suede. Twin Velcro strap closure for easy entry and quick fastening.


Full-length Talyn 1.0mm insert from heel to toe helps spread the force across the whole foot.


Bi-Tension active randing system runs under the toes and draws back through the arch of the foot to give great flex with subtle tension.


2/3 lenght Vibram® XS Grip 2 sole.




The history of SCARPA has always been closely associated and “conjugated” with verbs in the future tense such as “to walk”, “to run” and “to climb” and they have all taken us as far as their definition promises.


That’s why we would like to accompany you to what the future holds in store. A future that pays due tribute to experience in order to speak the language of innovation.

A future rooted in respect for nature to convey the excellence of its products. Welcome to our world, where no place is too far away.


Hervé Barmasse on the South face of Shishapangma 8027m. Photo David Göttler

Hervé Barmasse on the South face of Shishapangma 8027m. Photo David Göttler

Everything begins with the knowledge of people’s demands because finding solutions without understanding the issues is impossible.


Having a grasp of what people are looking for is the first step in understanding the mindset and value of SCARPA®, a commitment the company has been keeping since 1938. 


This is a company that knows how to listen to the needs of any athlete, any aficionado or even the beginner who is just starting to explore a new passion.


The solutions were, are, and again will be, different, but always carrying the core points that allow SCARPA

to be SCARPA: the assurance of total comfort, constant performance improvement and the maximum product durability.

The Parisotto brothers: Antonio, Francesco and Luigi

The Parisotto brothers: Antonio, Francesco and Luigi



Taking on new challenges with the spirit of someone who has already found the solutions and known them for years. The entire SCARPA family is proud to promote values and impart the company spirit. 

Starting with the Parisotto family, company Ambassadors right along through its distributors around the globe.

Sandro, Cristina and Davide Parisotto

Sandro, Cristina and Davide Parisotto

Heinz Mariacher

Heinz Mariacher

Heinz Mariacher


There is never any hint of bravado in this, however, only the hearty desire for knowledge and the kind of dedication nurtured by the burning passion of those who love what they do. If you work with your heart and your intellect, the only result can be excellence: a product that is perfected over time in order to entrust every shoe with the desire to stretch beyond its limitations in total harmony with the philosophy of an entire company.


At the core of this ambition to pursue perfection stands a team that functions like clockwork, the true engine of the company: the Research&Development Department.


Based upon company guidelines, the designers study the moulds and work on refining the details while craftsmen and women create products with the meticulous care reserved for a unique piece and the technicians - including professional climbers and mountaineers – test these new models personally and offer their insight on how to further improve what they have experimented.

What we do every day is to try and retrace the path of what has made SCARPA the outstanding brand it is today, because we would never stop and be satisfied with our accomplishments. 

We are determined to look beyond and ahead for the purpose of meeting all possible demands.

The trail is marked and we’re on the right one. Now all we have to do is find ways to stay on track that are even more effective!

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